Welcome to our site! Who are we? Just a collective mind bringing you the facts, questions, and hypotheses to get your biology brain buzzing. We want to bring info to non-scientists and science hobbyists, to showcase the majesty that is our planet and all the things that live within it. Have questions? Ask! Ideas? Throw them forward!

Through this site, my hope is to provide science content that feels accessible to a wider audience, while keeping you informed about the natural world. However, many people may find processing biological information either too restricted or too difficult to understand. This is at no fault to the reader, as the scientific community has a reputation for jargon that sometimes other scientists even have a hard time comprehending. As such, it is my goal here to create and provide media that is more accessible to the general public in order for us all to appreciate how brilliant our planet is. (Who needs Mars????)

Just like an altricial baby bird, it’s going to take a moment to get ourselves moving, but once we are ready to go the world will be our pearl-forming bivalve (oyster…get it?). But as one of my hero’s once said, in the pursuit of science you need to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy” and hopefully we will achieve a bit of that here.


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