253590_10150984265267134_2014097382_nMy name is Jordan Greer, and I am the creator and primary contributor to Zooplank. I am currently an Evolutionary Biology PhD student and the University of Chicago under the guidance of Dr. Corrie Moreau. My personal interests center around animal behavior (including humans) and am currently investigating how the presence and/or absence of cocoons in ant metamorphosis may influence colony behavior; most notably the behavior of attendant ant nurses. Could the presence of cocoons (a silken coat that separates an ant from the elements) lead nurses to tend less? Are “naked” ants more prone to fungal/bacterial infection? And how have these traits evolved over ant history?

While I currently study ants, my interests in biology are broad. As such, this website affords me me luxury of reading about different groups of animals and plants, how they interact, and what these interactions can tell us about ourselves and/or influence how we live. After which, it is then my pleasure to bring that information to you.

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Logo credit: diatom mount by Ernst Thum, provided by Howard Lynk; victorianmicroscopeslides.com